I frequently present my work in conferences, discussion forums and lectures to contribute to design education and help bridge design and science.

[Forthcoming] 10th Information Design International Conference (CIDI), organized by the Brazilian Society of Information Design (SBDI). Keynote speaker. October 18 to 22, 2021

Keynote speakers – CIDI 2021

Will Burtin: Information and Exhibition Design 1957-1971. Talk with Roger Remington about Burtin’s work and his scientific approach to visual communication, celebrating our upcoming publication about his work. College of Art, Media and Design. Northeastern University – February 9, 2021.

Design Education. Moving the conversation to the schools – Part 3. Panel Discussion based on my contribution to She Ji Volume 2. Organized by Lucerne School of Art and Design & She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation – November, 2020

División de Ciencias de la Comunicación y Diseño (DCCD) – Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM), Mexico – June, 2020. Title: “Diseño de Información virtual: ¿Cómo realizar investigación de campo desde casa?” [Spanish]

SciViz.NYC 2019. New York City, November, 2019. Title: The need for cross-disciplinary collaboration: Teaching information design to science majors. 

Challenging Design Paths. 7th ICTVC conference. University of Patras, Greece, June 2019.
Title: Breaking Assumptions in Design Education: Reflections on teaching information design to non-designers.

Understanding and Designing For People – Inaugural Talk for The Keller Center’s The Creative Mind & Leadership Series. Princeton University, February 13th, 2019

Making Sense of Field Research: Practical Tips for Information Designers. Information Design NYC Meetup, New York City, December 13th, 2018


2016 – 2007

Infographic Conference: Beauty + Facts = Truth. Zeist, The Netherlands, March 2016. Title: Understanding How Information Designers Design [Keynote]

Visual Plus 2015 Conference: Information+Design=Performance – IIID, IDA.Birmingham, England, September 2015. Title: Start with the basics: Understanding before doing [co-author]

2CO – Communicating Complexity. Alghero, Italy, October 2013. Title: Communicating complexity and simplicity: Rediscovering the fundamentals of information design [co-author]

‘Show, Don’t Tell.’ Malofiej International Conference – 20th Edition. University of Navarra, Spain. Chair, keynote speaker and jury. March 2012

Practice-based research in Art & Design Conference. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Germany, November 2011

DESIGNA Design Conference: The Projectual Hope. Universidade Da Beira Interior. Covilhã, Portugal. Keynote Speaker, November 2011. Title: The Role of Design: Yesterday and Today

CIDAG. 1st International Conference on Design and Graphic Printing. Lisbon, Portugal.
Keynote Speaker in Information Design, October 2010. Title: Methodological Approaches for Diagramming Information

Big Bang Data. 1st Data Visualisation Conference. Online Conference for University of Chile, August 2010.
Title: Organization as a tool to prevent chaos of visual information

University of the Arts London. LCC. MA Design Writing Criticism, November 2009. Title: Making the Complex Accessible. Diagrams for Research Design

University of Leeds. 1st International Visual Methods Conference, September 2009. Title: Design Method for Mapping Complex Information. Visual Methods

University of Barcelona, Spain. BA Graphic Design, September 2009. Title: Diagrammatic Language in Daily Life

NCCR Iconic Criticism. Basel, Switzerland, July 2009. Title: The Image in the Process of Design

IADIS. CGV. Amsterdam, Holland, June 2008. Title: Graphic Matrix for Specific Data Visualization Projects

University of the Arts London. LCC.  Congress New Views2. July 2008. Title: Model of Analysis of the Image. Interdisciplinary Project

Elisava School of Design. Barcelona, Spain. Master Class – Academic Session with Joan Costa, May 2008

Municipal School of Art. Terrassa, Spain, May 2008. Title: The Schematic in Data Visualisation

Visualizar Symposium, Media-Lab Prado. Madrid, Spain, September 2007. Title: The History of the Schematic Language in Data Visualization

University of Barcelona. Spain. MA Biodiversity, September 2007. Title: Schematic Language, Tools and Applications.

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