what is this blog about?

My first challenge as a graphic design student was to redesign the underground map of Buenos Aires. I am not sure why, but since that exercise, I have become a big fan of underground maps’ designs. Why? Maybe, because it was my first work as a “graphic designer” or maybe, because I found amazing how much information can be depicted in a very very small piece of paper (if you compare it with any other design project!).
This motivated me to know more about maps, diagrams, and how they were created. Looking for answers to these questions, some years ago, I have started my own research.

In simple words, this blog will be about my PhD research, and, mainly, it will be about understanding the design process of diagrams and, specially, of conceptual maps, such as underground maps.

This complex and fascinating world of visually representing information also includes themes like information design, mapping information, diagrammatic languages, maps, design and visual methodologies

The main objective of this blog is to develop a place for discussion and interchange, where ideas, processes and contributions could be share, creating, as well, a platform for future developments.

Some years ago, when I started looking for references and information for my PhD, I realised that there is a gap of literature dealing with both design practice and design theory as a whole. Most of the bibliography is about one of these two complementary approaches of design, independently. Both, as a graphic designer and a researcher, one of my concerns is trying to bridge this gap, understanding, analysing, and taking into account both sides the process of design.

In this blog, I will write about my research evolution (progression plan, methodologies, outcomes!), relevant articles and papers (some key authors, different approaches!), design events and workshops (there is one coming soon!).
Make a useful platform, for students and professionals, is another of my purposes. Although, I am not still sure how I am going to organise and classify the information, I will be! And soon, I will have all the posts well organised and easily to find.


  1. Hello

    Found ur blog in alpha inventions.

    Interesting post.


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