The Guardian Data Store, a place for visualising content

Data Store is an interesting section of The Guardian where everyone can submit their own diagrams and information graphics. The aim of this section is to make complex information more accessible to people. Facts and figures are published using accessible tools that enable everyone to download raw information for creating visualisations.
Diagrams can be submitted to the Guardian and can be seen in a new Guardian Data Store Flickr group.

This is an effective manner to bring closer diagrams to the people, and show how powerful tools diagrams can be in terms of visual communication and education, making the complex easier and adding new points of view.

Some visualisations created with information of Data Store can be seen below:


Information graphic created by David McCandless, visualising the factors of airlines crashes. (original size 33x123cm //


Diagrammatic map created by Simon Rogers, visualising swine flu cases across the UK. (


  1. Very interesting! I didn’t know people could submit their own visualisations.

  2. sheilapontis

    yes! if you check the flickr page you will see many interesting visualisations.

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