word clouds

A colleague told me about wordle long time ago, but I have never used it until today. The more you research, the more information you have, and when you have to write up the final thesis document you have to be sure to include only the relevant data. The past weeks, I have been dealing with this, trying to define as clear as possible the main track of my thesis. My supervisors suggested me to write down the key words/terms/concepts of my thesis, as a kind of brainstorming but with the opposite objective: to narrow! So, following this advice, I decided to create my thesis cloud with both my blog information and the text of chapter 1.

Word cloud created with all the posts of this blog

Word cloud created with the information of Chapter 1 of my thesis

Then I connected the key words to find out if the essence of my thesis was there or if there was missing some relevant information:

According to the above word clouds, this thesis clearly researches about design, focusing on diagrams, complex information and diagrammatic projects. Its objective is to analyse designersprocesses, to understand effective visualisations and create guidelines to improve diagrams visual language.
However, it has to be included more specific information about organisation, and the relevance of layers and maps for this research.

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