Applied information design: Dog walkers

I am amazed of the little signs of/for dog walkers that can be found all around UK. In Argentina even though Dog Walking Business are growing quite fast we do not have any signs like the ones I have found walking around here. It is interesting how in each activity, no matter how simple or complex it seems to be, it is embedded so much information.

In this case, dog walkers, some quick points to have in mind:

– How many dogs can be walked at the same time
– What do I have to do ‘after my dog’
– What happens if I do not do anything
– Places where dogs are allowed
– Where dogs should be placed while walking

Different Borough, same message (Greenwich Council) – April 2011 (©Oscar Alvarez)

Claphan Junction area (Wandsworth Borough) – March 2011 (©Oscar Alvarez)

Kent, UK – March 2009

Kent, UK – March 2009

In addition after double-checking these images and doing a quick online search (yes! I am learning about the dog walking business!) it is also important that:

– Dogs have a collar where to attach the leash,
– Take into account the weather conditions,
– The routes where to walk the dogs, and
– The dog walker should also wear the appropriate equipment

This is just a quick summary, but there is loads of information about this theme, a serious growing business industry.

I know this is not a very ‘academic’ subject of analysis, but it gave me some tools to show my point: information design is being used for showing daily information, and examples can be found in very ‘unusual’ places all around. I keep saying that designing complex information in the appropriate way, improves communication and helps less experienced audiences to understand complex contents, but designing simple information has the same results: helps people to have a complete understanding of a subject. So, there, in the daily subjects/themes/problems, seems to be a good starting point to learn about and apply information design principles and tools.

PS: Thanks Oscar for having a camera in the right moment!

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