First International Workshop on Schematic Mapping

Schematic map of Berlin transport network

Schematic map of Berlin transport network

Next April will take place the first 2-day Schematic Mapping Workshop held at the University of Essex. The aim of the workshop is to investigate how people use diagrammatic transport maps to navigate around cities, and to gain insights on how to help us (everyone who uses public transport) understand the increasing complexity of public transport networks. Therefore, to improve our experience as travellers in both familiar and less/unfamiliar cities.

Diagrammatic maps are not only related to transport networks. Complex information and large data sets from different kinds are frequently mapped to facilitate understanding and communication. The complexity of diagrammatic maps demands thorough familiarization with the audience and working with interdisciplinary teams to achieve effective results. Various knowledge areas are involved in the design process of these diagrams including information design, cognitive sciences, social sciences, cartography, and computer science. This workshop is an opportunity for students, researchers, professionals and everyone interested in the creation, use and understanding of schematic maps and other navigation aids (e.g. wayfinding, GIS), but also to everyone interested in broaden understanding of mapping concepts and methods, and learning how to communicate and translate complex information into diagrammatic language.

To participate in this event, related work in the forms of :

  •   Papers presenting novel research
  •   Posters summarising current projects
  •   New map designs

can be submitted before December 16th.

Visit the workshop website for more detailed information and other important dates.

Looking forward to it!

New York Subway schematic map (1972)

New York Subway schematic map (1972)

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