Event: Understanding and Designing for People


Overview of the field research process in information design

How can you help people understand something complex if you don’t understand people first? Rather than rely on intuition or assumptions, information designers need evidence gathered from real people about how they think, feel, and behave in order to inform the design of effective solutions. They need field research.

Next week, I will lead a discussion on “Understanding and Designing for People” with Charles Kreitzberg, Senior User Experience Advisor at Princeton University. In this talk, I will shed light on how field research can support and enhance information designers’ work, and share tips from my new book: Making Sense of Field Research: A Practical Guide for Information Designers.

Join us in this event organized by the Keller Center to kick off its spring series on Creative Mind & Leadership!

Event details:

  • Title: Understanding and Designing For People
  • Date: Wednesday, February 13th, 5-6:30pm
  • Location: The Convocation Room at the Friend Center (Princeton University), Williams St & Olden Avenue, Princeton, NJ

This event is free and open to the public.
Please RSVP here. Reception to follow.

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