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More than 10 years ago, I started working on the idea of creating something to help information designers do their job better (like using color effectively!). It took me several workshops and research studies to understand why even experienced designers frequently struggle with the basics. It took me loads of reading, researching and learning to articulate what the information design job entails (the information design process!). And it took me the creation of various prototypes, and many trials and errors to design a tool to help support steps and tasks in the process that seem to be so easily forgotten or underestimated.

Back in 2012, I developed the first version of MapCI Cards. Some years later, after further testing with professional designers, I created a revised version. Now, after more user testing studies and having been using the cards also as a pedagogical tool in my information design class for over three years, the latest version of the cards is now available, and just in time for Christmas!

Learn more about the cards here.

And order your deck!

Why working with MapCI Cards?

If you are working on a project involving the design of information, and you answer Yes to one or more of the following questions, MapCI Cards can help!

  • Do you struggle to define the problem at hand?
  • Do you struggle to identify what type of information do you need to know about your audience to help you move forward?
  • Do you struggle to determine how you can identify your audience needs?
  • Do you struggle to determine what information is relevant and should be visualized, and what is not and should be discarded?
  • Do you struggle to come up with a clear information architecture for your project?
  • Do you struggle to understand how to start designing information?
  • Do you work in a cross-disciplinary team and meetings are unproductive?

The Cards benefits in the users’s words:

“The Cards provided more structure to my design practice; they guided me through the process”

“I used the Cards to ‘bookmark’ my progress when switching between projects. To code documentation. To review progress. To assess new information. To kickstart or guide aimless or unclear work sessions.”

“The cards both stretch and constrain idea generation. Although the cards have an initial sequence, the card format offers great flexibility.”

“I am more aware and intentional about fully exploring the possible solution-space. They guide and remind without interfering or controlling.”

“It was a very nice, trustful experience. I do every step, but I had never seen them in such a structured way.”

“The structured and organized system. In this hectic job, I sometimes miss some steps. These cards gave me the confidence to take a step back and make sure I got everything. They also gave me the chance to really rethink certain steps.”

Special thanks to all the designers that took part of the studies and provided comments to help improve the Cards!

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